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Procurement &
Supplies Management

Other Green Tips

Make the reagent last as long as possible.

Give preference to supplies that can be stored at room temperature.

Choose suppliers that have taken-back programs for packaging.


Think before buying! The item you need may already be in your department, elsewhere at the institute available from the internal website.

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Energy &
Conferences & Events

Lab waste and laboratory costs can be significantly reduced by implementing a system for an efficient management of resources. Establishing a repertoire of standard protocols will also contribute to reduce experiments and lab waste, while enhancing the research quality and reproducibility.


Finally, remember that lab managers and researchers have the power to drive sustainability and reduce their laboratories’ environmental impact, by choosing products and equipment manufactured in environmentally sustainable ways. Also, efficient supply management and standard protocols enhance research quality, reproducibility and reduce laboratory costs.

Green Guides

Green and circular purchasing of equipment

When buying equipment, choose the right size for your lab and prefer equipment with environmentally conscious features.

Green and Circular purchasing of laboratory supplies

Researchers are starting to recognize and address the laboratories environmental impact by ordering more sustainable products.

Management of supplies

Organizing lab supplies is a very important aspect of the daily routine in a life sciences lab.

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