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Since the very first moment, the i3S GreenLab Initiative has been committed to raise awareness for more effective and sustainable research-related habits and practices. One of such habits is related to how we arrive at the institute. Hundreds of persons - workers, suppliers, patients, visitors - move daily to i3S. 


At i3S GreenLab Initiative, we aimed at identifying how i3S can help make commutes shorter, safer, cheaper, and environmentally more sustainable.  We wanted to understand how the i3S members reach the institute on a daily basis, how satisfied they are with it, and what are their needs regarding mobility.


To do so, last May, the i3S community was invited to participate in a mobility survey designed by Filipe Marques and Sandra Tavares. The survey had a great participation from all the community, and as main results, we highlight: 


  • duration, cost, and comfort of commuting trips, as well as the actual distance and travel time, as the most important factors for the community regarding mobility;

  • parenting and the choice of means of transport as other emerging associations;

  • the collection and categorization of more than 170 written comments about choice criteria, needs, and mobility initiatives, that will be developed.


This work was presented on Conferência Campus Sustentáveis, on 26-27th of October, where it was possible to share ideas and talk about trends for a greener mobility and a more sustainable future.

This set of proposals, aiming the gradual promotion of profitable and sustainable mobility at i3S, will remain in our list of emergent activities. Soon, we expect to have some of the proposed measures implemented at i3S, contributing to better commutes for the whole community.

i3s Mobility Survey - a way to a greener mobility

16 November 2022

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