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How to save energy further?

  • Allow proper ventilation by leaving at least 20 cm of empty space on top and 12 cm on each side of the equipment. ¹

  • Promote appropriate maintenance:

    • Clean filters regularly. ²

    • Clean accumulated ice on the gasket. ³

  • Assure there is a protocol with contact information in case of a power cut or any other emergency.

  • Be thoughtful about storage space:

    • Maintain an updated inventory of stored samples available to all users.

    • Dispose unwanted samples regularly.

    • Choose storage temperature according to sample type. For example, nucleic acids are fine at -20 °C.

    • Choose tube size according to sample size and rack size according to tube size. For example, avoid using 1.5-ml tubes if 0.5-ml tubes are suitable and prefer shorter racks for 0.5-ml tubes.

    • Share freezer space with other researchers. Consider renting freezer space.

Make sure there are no empty spaces in your freezer. You may use empty Styrofoam boxes to fill the open spaces.

  1. Improper ventilation prevents the equipment from efficiently dissipating heat, which may negatively impact its performance.

  2. A dirty filter blocks airflow through the condenser, which impairs heat dissipation.

  3. Accumulated ice on the gasket leads to the formation of gaps in the gasket seal, from which air may leave and enter.

  4. Empty spaces will lead to heterogeneous temperatures within your freezer.

Ultra-low temperature freezers: How to save energy further?

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