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Small changes in organizing a conference could end up into a big impact such design for a paperless event that should significantly reduce its overall carbon foot-print.

6 Tips to Organize a Sustainable Event

  1. Use digital communication. A way is to use a conference website/app and foster the attendees’ access to presentations, from anywhere at any time.

  2. Advertise the sustainable engagement and the event’s connection to the Sustainable Development Goals.

  3. Promote the event in different languages. Ensure that the information is accessible and inclusive.

  4. Ask for special needs in your invitation. Most attendees have their laptops/tablets/smart phones with them on the day. So, it could be used available tools to share handouts during the event.

  5. Reduce the use of posters and signs with the use of projectors and monitors. But, if printed material is needed, print double-sided on eco certified paper and make sure you have a clearly labelled bin for paper recycling.

  6. When evaluating events, it is advisable to include questions about how requirements according to this list are met. Then you can find opportunities for improvement for the next time you organize an event.

Creating a paper-less conference

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